About John

John has over 30 years experience working with men, and is committed to supporting men’s emotional health and wellbeing.  John’s approach centres on the challenges of transition and on celebrating the difference men can make in their lives. John uses symbolic processes to help men understand the different strategies they can use to navigate through their lives.

John has been facilitating men’s groups since the early 1990’s, when he established a Men’s centre in Melbourne, Australia. John is a qualified counsellor; he has worked with the international organisation Mankind Project, and has trained in the United States with Cliff Barry and his Shadow Work program. Over a number of years John has also worked with men in prisons and men who have struggled with violence and substance use to deal with trauma in their lives. His approach is influenced by the work of Robert Bly, John Lee, Steve Biddulph, Robert Moore and many others. John’s approach is also informed by over 25 years working with Aboriginal men. 


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